I grew up in what was (at the time) described as a ‘hippy’ family simply because of the nutritional choices my mum made for me and my siblings. Instead of dunkaroos at snack time during school, I had 10 almonds and some Lebanese cucumber. Can’t say I wasn’t teased just a tad, but I’m really thankful for the way my mum respected our bodies as little vessels that needed to be filled with the right stuff so we could be all that we could be.

As a result I’ve always had a keen interest in healthy foods and have recently celebrated my beautiful, but food intolerant daughters first birthday – and what a journey that has been! All of this has culminated in my decision to become a qualified nutritionist in the hope that I can help people out there who have unique boundaries to overcome or who don’t know where to start but want to make a positive change in their life when it comes to food.

So here I am, about to embark on a food journey extraordinaire! I hope you can take something positive away from my humble ramblings for you, your family and friends.


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  1. I am in need for a good source of healthy food for my bub. So easy to get busy and lazy. You had best put us on the right path!


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