What to expect when you don’t get what you were expecting…

If you’ve got a child with food intolerances or allergies – there’s a good chance I’m the other parent at playgroup trying not to look panicked as I shoo my kid away from wheaty crumbs and chunks of cheese.

Both my husband and I are afflicted with various intolerances and sensitivities (dairy, gluten, wheat, rye, sulphites, artificial colours, pollen, fur, wool, dust, grasses, mosquito bites, tea tree oil… the list goes on). When we talked about starting a family we joked that we might end up with a bubble boy/girl – what we didn’t know, was that your child has a 50% chance of having the same intolerance/allergy as you, and a 75% chance if both you and your partner have the same sensitivity. Ouch, those stats hurt!

Our new bundle of joy started having problems starting as soon as we got her home. She seemed to be in pain, wouldn’t settle, began getting eczema on her face and I saw colours during nappy changes that were not in ‘what to expect in the first year’.

I don’t know how many hours I spent googling to try to get some answers or a teensy bit of help but frustratingly I found there wasn’t much on offer. Everything was pretty generic with no pointers on where to really get some help.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are in my place right now and have somehow landed upon my page I will try my best to concisely take you through the ups and downs of our journey and hopefully point you in the right direction (which aint googling at 4am!) based on what worked for us.

Stage 1: Lactation consultant – Lactose overload? Not enough hindmilk? Eliminate dairy?

Stage 2: Paediatric Dietician – FODMAP in all its glory

Stage 3: Paediatrician – Weight gains, treating eczema and constipation

Stage 4: Naturopath – Gut health

Stage 5: Allergist – What the latest medical advice is on introducing foods, food challenges


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